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Clockstoken is a crypto market investment fund on the blockchain that pools money contributed by a group of individuals. Clockstoken scans the crypto market for the best opportunities to generate a profit. By holding CLOCKS you will have a share in the fund which is managed by the team.

We have set several goals:
- We want to make crypto investment an easy process for the (crypto) investor.
- We want educational benefits for our CLK holders.
- We want to generate passive income for our CLK holders.


Key features of clockstoken

Passive income

By holding CLK tokens, you participate in a diversified crypto fund, receiving revenue on profits.

Transparent & reliable

All investments are visualized realtime on our website, transparency is just as important to clockstoken as it is to you.

Proven successful team

Each clockstoken team member is specialized in his field.


Research, develop and investment

The clockstoken team conducts a daily analysis by collecting data. The traders and risk managers are able to implement this data into well-defined trading strategies, this will be done by combining the collected data with technical and fundamental analysis.

STRATEGIC risk & money management

The clockstoken team will monitor the markets on a daily basis and rebalance the portfolio according to our quantitative risk and money management model. In this way, clockstoken mitigates the risks under volatile market conditions and hedges risky positions!

Free high-tier academy

Each CLK token holder will get direct access to our founder Albert, who will be teaching weekly classes on many different topics, including: crypto, investing, risk management and more! CLK holders will receive analyzes and a clear overview of the (crypto) market.

Reward CLK Holders

With a small investment, clockstoken holders receive rewards for staking and trading cryptocurrencies. The fund invests in validators (NODES) that generate passive income. Our experienced traders will trade various cryptocurrencies with profitable strategies. Trading progress and investment tracking will be visible by our tracking website. All results are transparent. We want all holders to know how we are performing which is why all trading results will be published on our website. Finally, each holder has the right to have the profits paid out or reinvested in the fund.

Different investments

Diversified fund allocation

Clockstoken will diversify the fund in the following markets:

  • Auto-trade solutions
  • Derivatives
  • High-value validators (nodes)
  • NFT's
  • Spot/Defi/ICO's
  • Staking

Fund allocation breakdown

As we cannot hold all funds in treasury, we provide full transparency on a daily basis through the live funds website of portfolio positions. The derivatives portfolio will also be streamed live on Twitch.

Introduction to our fund management

Clockstoken believes in a diversified portfolio, one of the most important methods of risk and money management. The portfolio of the funds will always be balanced in the following order:

  • 30% of equity allocated to staking and validators
  • 30% of equity allocated to holding spot cryptocurrencies
  • 20% of equity is held in liquid stable coin such as BUSD and USDT
  • 20% of equity is traded by one of our proprietary traders

  • Clocks will offer full transparency on a daily basis via the realtime funds’ website, showing the positions held in the portfolio. The derivatives portfolio will also be live-streamed on Twitch

Derivates portfolio

Derivatives portfolio is never leveraged more than 1 to 2. Our compliance officer will audit this daily and take action towards team traders in case of violation of this rule!

Spot positions

All spot investments are subject to an enhanced due diligence strategy by our team. This due diligence strategy and analysis will be published in the portfolio section of our website.

Staking positions

All staking and node revenues will be added to our stable coin liquidity pool. And all the staking positions will be hedged so that, even if the price drops, we don’t lose money, we just make money.

Clockstoken platform



Our websites

All of our websites and platforms are secured and audited by an independent third-party company. We do not sell or share information provided by investors.


Security and storage

All investor-provided information is professionally stored on a highly secured cloud server. There is nothing on the website's server.


Decentralized payments

We offer you our tokens over-the-counter. That said, you always sell your tokens directly back to the fund.


Audited fund

The fund is audited quarterly by a certified company. All transactions are visible in our monthly reports.

Clockstoken (CLK) Token-nomics

The Clocks token-nomics are as followed: 

Sales Information

Start ICO 01 March 2022 12:00 GMT
ICO ended 01 June 2022 12:00 GMT
Total raised ICO $187,859
Total Token Supply 1,000,000 CLK
Circulation supply 10,000 CLK
In customer wallets 1,994 CLK
In OTC wallet  8,022 CLK
Token Value 101.00 USD = 1 CLK


Clockstoken explained

Please take the time to learn more about this project, which we've detailed in our white-paper.


Read our white-paper

Our white-paper describes everything you need to know about this project and how the fund works.


Our roadmap to your succes!


Clocks token most frequently asked questions

What is Clockstoken?

Clockstoken (CLK) are tokens that can be bought and sold on our website. With clockstoken you invest in a fund. This fund will develop, research and invest in various crypto assets. Our experienced team monitors the markets daily and re-balances the portfolio according to our quantitative risk and money management model. CLK holders receive rewards generated from the fund investments.

As a holder, you participate in a crypto investment fund, which is monitored and managed 24/7. You will generate passive income from expensive crypto assets, such as NODES, NFTs and other crypto solutions. In addition, CLOCKS holders will get access to educational content that provides crypto strategies, risk management, and technical analysis.

With CLOCKS, we want people to benefit from our knowledge and technology, by offering low budget tokens for the average investor. We want to generate passive income for our holders.

You can contact us by email:
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contact for website questions:
Or use our mail form click here

When does the sale start?

The sale of the CLOCKS tokens will start in march 2022.
1.000 tokens will be sold in the pre sale. 9.000 tokens will be sold in the public sale.

There will be 10.000 CLOCKS available in the first ico round, when reaching the max circulation supply, the circulation supply wil increase with an additional circulation supply of 10,000 tokens. There are a total of 1.000.000 clocks. (clock holders will be rewarded with clocks)

The price per CLOCK in the pre sale is $90. The price in our public sale is $100.

Clocks token are on the POLYGON network.

The clocks token can be sold to us, we are not listed and the token will be always be bought back by the fund. You cannot sell your tokens yet.

Will al trades the fund does be publiced?

Yes, we will bring out an report every month.

You can see the montly reports here: 

Yes, via the twich channel you can live watch the tradings. Click here to watch live!

Yes the fund will be audited every month!

100% of the mint sales will go directly into the fund. 30% of the funds will be used for staking (staking is the process of locking up crypto holdings in order to obtain rewards or earn interest). 30% will be used for investing and holding spot cryptocurrencies. Our team will perform daily fundamental analysis by gathering relevant data. We will invest in NODES (a crypto network validator), NFT’s and other crypto solutions. 20% will be used for trading. We have day and swing traders in our team, they will stream their trades on our website! The rest, 20%, will be in liquid stable coins such as USDC and USDT.

Is my money safe with CLOCKS?

Yes, we try to mitigate the risk by storing the funds from the token sale, on different (cold) wallets. The key phrases of the wallets will be stored in a safe.

If we got hacked and the tokens are stolen, we will transfer you new tokens. The funds are stored on different blockchain wallets. Without the key phrase, it’s impossible to get access to the funds.

We are partnered with Beyont (a blockchain developer). We, and Beyont, have safety prioritized. There will always be risks of stealing personal data. However, our partner has built a secure web environment and will continue to improve it. In this way we reduce the chance of any hacks.